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Elite Dryer & Vent Cleaners

Your home deserves nothing but the best. With Lint Shark you'll get the most reliable service from dedicated experts. 

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Prevent Dryer Fires!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 clothes dryer fires happen each year in homes across America.


On average, these fires annually cause over 50 deaths, nearly 400 injuries, and over $236 million in property loss. A leading cause of these fires is the failure to keep dryer vents clean and clear of debris – which is to say, most of these fires may be easily avoided with regular dryer vent inspections and cleaning. That’s where Lint Shark dryer vent cleaning comes in. 


Lint Shark helps keep our community safe from house fires. We’ve found that consumers prefer service providers with a specialized focus. Unlike handymen, who can do a little of everything, or DIY fixes that don’t address the underlying problems, we focus on one thing: dryer vents. This level of expertise is hard to find, and our dedicated technicians are respected professionals. With Lint Shark dryer vent cleaning serving the local area, we are providing our neighbors with a much needed and highly trusted service.

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